Nahuatl Borrowings in Mexican Spanish Vocabulary

Mexican Word Nahuatl Word English Translation
Acocil Cuitzilli a species of crayfish native to Mexico
Aguacate Ahuacatl Avocado
Amate Amatl paper made from bark
Asquel āskā-tl A small ant
Atole Atolli prehispanic drink popular in Mexico and Central America
Azteca Asteka From Aztlan
Cacahuate Tlacucahuatl Peanut
Cacles Cactli Shoes / Sandals
Camote Camotli Sweet potato
Canica   Marble, round glass used by children
Capulín Kapol-in Cherry


Chamahuac Young Boy
Chante Chāntli Home
Chapopote Chapopotli Tar


Chayote Chayotli A type of Mexican squash
Chicle Chictli Gum
Chile Chilli chilli pepper
Chipotle Chilpoctli Chipotle (same name) type of red chile
Chiquito tzitz quit Very small
Chipotle xipoctli A type of chile
Chocolate Chocolatl Chocolate (same name)
Comal comalli smooth, flat griddle typically used in Mexico to cook tortillas, toast spices, sear meat
Copal Copalli Incense made from tree resins
Coyote Coyotl Coyote (same name)
Cuate Cuatl Twin or slang for buddy
Elote ēlō-tl Corn on the Cob
Esquite izquitl Snack made from toasted Corn kernels
Escuincle Itzcuintli Small Child (also is a hairless prehispanic dog)
Guacamole Ahuaca-molli Guacamole (same name)
Guajolote wueh-xōlō-tl Turkey
Huacal Huacalli Cage made from sticks
Huarache kwarachi Sandal (actually a word from purepecha)
Hule Olli Rubber
Jicama Xicamatl crispy, sweet, edible root from Mexico
Jícara Xicalli cup or cup made from Jicaro tree
Jitomate Xictomatl Tomato Variety
Mecate Mecatl Rope
Mescal Mexcalli Mescal (same name)
Mezquite Mizquitl Mesquite (same name)
Milpa MIlpa Field as in Corn Field
Molcajete Molcaxitl Kitchen Mortar
Malacate malacatl Winch
Mayate Mayatl Beetle
Mayote   Mosquito
Mitote mitotiqui Fight, Disturbance, Confusion
Mole Molli Mexican Sauce containing chiles, chocolate, peanutes and other ingredients used usually on chicken, pork or beef
Moyote Moyotl Flying Beetle or Horse Fly
Milpa Milpa Agricultural field
Mitote Mitotiqui Cause an Uproar, racket
Nopal Nopalli Nopal a cactus which is eaten
Ocelote Ocelotl Ocelot similar to a jaguar but smaller
Olote Olotl Corn Husk - espiga del maíz (sin los granos)
Papalote Papalotl Kite and Windmill
Petaca Petlacalli Suitcase
Petate Petatl Weaved mattress
Peyote Peyotl Peyote (same name)
Popote Popotl Drinking Straw
Pozole Potzolli Traditional pre-Columbian soup or stew
Pulque Poliuhqui means spoiled but is an alcoholic drink with the same name
Tamale Tamalli Tamale (same name)
Tecolote Tecolotl Owl
Tequila   Tequila (same name)
Tianguis Tianquiztli Market
Tlacoyos tlahtlaōyoh Oval shaped corn tortilla like food stuffed with beans, meat, cheese, etc
Tlacuache Tlacuatzin Opossum
Tlapalería Tlalpalli Type of hardware store sells paints and tools
Tocayo Toca-yō-tl Namesake
Tomate Tomatl Tomato (same name)
Zacate Saka-tl Grass, Weeds
Zopilote Tzopilotl Vulture
Zapote Tzapotl A tropical tree and its fruit
Nahuatl has given the English Lanugage some words for indigenous animals, fruits, vegetables, and tools. The most prominent are chocolate, tomato, coyote avocado, and chile or chili. Chiclets gum's name comes from the Nahuatl word chicle!

Nahuatl is related to the languages spoken by the Hopi, Comanche, Pima, Shoshone, and other peoples of western North America, as they all belong to the Uto-Aztecan language family.

Nahuatl Wikipedia site with more words

	itacate			bundle
	jocoque			yoghurt
	zenzontle		mocking bird
	Zoquete			Mud, a fool

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