Patolli - Aztec Game

Patolli - Juego algo parecido al de los dados, que consistía en marcar sobre una tela fina un cuadro en el cual se trazaban dos diagonales y dos líneas transversales; se echaban encima cuatro grandes frijoles perforados y según la posición en que quedaban con respecto a las líneas se ganaba un determinado numero de guijarros; aquel que lograba tres sequidos era el vencedor. A menudo se jugaban cosas de precio, tales como collares de oro, piedras preciosas y turquesas finas.

The game is similar to a dice game, which consists of a game board drawn on a thin square cloth with two diagonal lines and two transversing lines. Four large beans perforated with holes were thrown on the board and according to the position with respect to the lines a certain number of moves were obtained. The person who traversed three straight pieces won. The items wagered were precious things such as gold chains, precious stones, and fine turquoise.

The game is shareware and was written by Steve Neeley of North Ogden, Utah. The game is for IBM PC compatibles and is written in Visual Basic. All programs written in Visual Basic 3.0 require vbrun300.dll to run. Check your windows\system directory to see if you have the file before downloading.

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