A collaborative, bilingual album of original, alternative Latin rock from East L.A., Tijuana, and Mexico City featuring:

Roco, from Mexico’s godfathers of Rock en Español, Maldita Vecindad, and Luis Güereña from the godfathers of Mexican Punk en Español, Tijuana No!, collaborating with Los Angeles, Chicano underground bands: rappers, Aztlan Underground and soulsters, Slowrider.

Tijuana Nortec pioneers, Fussible, with ELA funksters, The Blues Experiment.Tijuana’s pioneer punks, Mercado Negro, with veteran ELA Chicano punks, Los Illegals, with celebrated spoken word poet, Rubén Martínez.

Claudia Morfín, from Tijuana’s Nona Delichas teams up with Martha Gonzalez of ELA’s jarocho fusion band Quetzal, on the CMJ radio hit, “Tener o Ser”.

Poncho Nakamura from Tijuana’s punksters, Mexican Jumpin’ Frijoles, drums with LA’s Mexi-psycho-boogie band, Calavera.Spoken word artist from Tijuana, Gerardo “Border Gypsy” Navarro, joins LA comedian-poet, Richard Montoya, of the comedy troupe Culture Clash.

Mexamérica was produced by pioneer Chicano rocker-producer, Rubén Funkahuátl Guevara (Ruben & The Jets, Con Safos)
(Best of Thee Midniters, History of Latino Rock, Los Angelinos:The Eastside Renaissance, ¡Reconquista! The Latin Rock Invasion, ¡Ay Califas! Raza Rock: The 70s & 80s, Zyanya/Rhino)

Mexamérica, co-produced by John Avila (Oingo Boingo) and author-poet, Rubén Martínez (El Otro Lado, Crossing Over)

Mexamérica was on top of CMJ’s alternative Latin college radio charts for 8 weeks reaching #2 and ended the year at #11 on their 2001 year-end top 40.

Mexamérica reflects the contemporary urban Chicana/o and Mexicana/o experience along the Great Pocho Wall – the US-Mexico border. In the process of making the record a new community and musical culture was born – a culture of love, light and soul: Mexamérica.

Angelino Records