They Must Not Want Our Money Either
by Chito de la Torre

Everywhere you look, there are politicians saying que son los immigrants that are this country's problem. That we are a drain on government money, that we take jobs away from 'real' Americans.

And it doesn't stop there.

Plans are in the works to deny legal residents their hard earned rights.

Simply having a Hispanic surname makes us a target for discrimination regardless of where we were born.

Excuse me for fuming, but I thought this was America. What happened to the land of the free, and to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? A poco no pagamos taxes también? A poco no trabajamos como burros doing jobs that no one else will take?

I say that if the government doesn't want to give us the social services we have paid for with our taxes, our social security withholdings, and FICA and all those other things they jam in to their tax rolls, maybe they don't want our money either.

Por eso on September 16th, 1996. I'm going to celebrate my independence from racism and discrimination. And I'm going to do it with my money.

Come el 16 de Septiembre, I will not spend one penny of my money on anything, and if you want to join me, please do. Latinos are a mighty economic force that contributes to this country not only with our sweat, but our money.

I figure that if a few of us join up and hold back our economic resources for one day, this country will realize just how much we really give, and maybe then they'll begin to take back their false acusations.

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