Nahuatl-English Basic Dictionary

-co. at, in the place of
-pan. on, on top of 
-tica. with, using, through.
-tlan. among, between.
aca. somebody, someone
acattopa. first, in the first place 
achi miecpa. frequently 
achto. first 
achtontli. Great-grandfather, ancestor. 
achtopa. firstly, in the first place
aci. to arrive 
acicamati. To understand 
acicamatl. To understand 
ahuitl. Aunt 
aic. Never
altepepan. At the city 
altepetl. City, town, population
amantecatl. Artisan, 
amatl. Paper, codex (book)
amazolli. Old paper (tradition)
amehuan, amehuantin. You, plural reverential: amehuantzitzin. (pronoun)
ameyalli. Fountain, source.
amini. Hunter
amiqui. Thirsty (adj), to be thirsty.
amo. No
amo cualli. Bad, wrong.
amo ... zan. Not ... but.
amotlein. Nothing 
amoxcalli. Library, also book shelf 
amoxtli. Book
an-. You, plural (prefx).
ana. To take, to grab.
aocmo. Not any more.
aocmo huecauh. In a moment, just a moment.
apizmiqui. Famine, to be dying of hunger.
aquimamatcayoti. Stuborness
aquin. Who (?) plural: aquique.
atenemachpan. Suddenly 
atl. Water. reverential: atzintli. 
atiacuihuayan. Artesian well.
atli. To drink water.
atolli. Atole, drink made of corn.
atonahui. Fever, to have f.
auh. And, but.
axihuayan. Hotel, lodging, sometimes refuge.
axiltia (nite-). To accompany.
axiltia (nitia-). To complete, to fulfill.
axitia. To get close, to come closer. 
axixcalli. Restroom (sanitary)
axixmiqui. To have the need to go to the restroom.
ayamo. Not yet.
ayaxcanyotica. Slowly.
ayohui. Easyly, easy. 
ayotl. Turtle, tortoise.
azcatl. Ant.
azo zan. perhaps (?), maybe (?).

cíhuatl. Woman, female. plural: cihuah. 
ca. To be. Because. plural: cate.
ca ye cualli. All right, OK.
cahua. To leave (release an object)
cahuitl. Time.
calacoayan. Door (THE door).
calaqui. To come in, to get inside.
calli. House. Also used as generic buildings.
calmanani. Architect. 
calpolli. Tribe.
caltentli. Door.
camachaloa. To open one's mouth.
camactli. Mouth.
camanallahtoa. To joke.
camapaca. To wash one's mouth.
camapotoniliztli. Bad breath.
camatl. Mouth.
campa. Where (?).
can. Where (?), plural: canin.  
caqui. To hear.
catca. Was, were.
caxtiltecatl. Spaniard.
caxtolli omei. Eighteen.
caxtolli once. Sixteen.
ce. One.
ce. One of  (when followed by a pronown).
cecemilhuitica. Daily, Every day.
cemanahuatl. World, universe (figurative).
cemiac. Always, for ever.
cempanahuia. To exceed, to surpass, to outdo.
cempoalli. Twenty. 
cenca. Very. 
cenca cualli. Very well 
cenquizca. Perfectly, completely
cenyohual. All night
chantli. House. (home).
chia. To wait. past: ochix.
chicahuac. Healthy, strong, tough, hard. plural: chicahuaque.
chicnahui. Nine
chicoace. Six.
chicome. Seven.
chicuey. Eight.
chihua. To do. 
chihuilia. To do (to someone).
chipahua. To clean.
chiquihuitl. Basquet.
choca. To cry, weep. plural: chocah.
chocolatl. chocolate.
choloa. To flee, to run away.
choquilia. To cry, weep. 
choquilitzatzi. To cry, bawl.
choquiltia. To make someone cry.
ciciammicqui. Tired, fatigued.
cihtli. Grandmother. Hare. plural: cicihtin.
cihuapillahtocatzintli. Queen.
cihuapilli. Lady, princess.
citialin. Star.
ciyahui. To get tired.
coatl. Snake. plural: cocoah.
cochcahua. To let sleep
cochcayotl. Dinner
cochehua (nite-). To awake, awaken.
cochi. To sleep. plural: cochih.
cochiantli. Dormitory.
cochihuayan. Bedroom.
cochitlehua. To dream. "Seeing in your sleep".
cochitta. To dream. "Seeing in your dream". Visions (mystic).
cochmiqui. Sleepy, to be sleepy, drowsy.
cocoa. To hurt (suffer pain).
cococ. Hot, spicy.
cocotona. To dismember, destroy, demolish.
cocoxcacalli. Hospital.
cocoxcacalpan. At the hospital. 
cocoxqui. Sick, diseased. 
cohua. To buy, purchase.
colli. Grandfather. plural: coltin.
coloti. Scorpion.
comalli. Flat pan (for cooking)
comitl. Cooking pot. 
conetl. Child, kid. pl:ural coconeh.
coni. To drink.
copina. To extract. (to get one thing out from another)
cotona. To cut.
cua. To eat.
cuacuahuitl. Horn, antler.
cuahuitl. Tree, log.
cuaitl. head. (used only in comosite words).
cualli. Good (adverb).
cualli ic. Good (adjective).
cuallotl. Goodness.
cuauhmaitl. Branch.
cuauhmayoh. That has branches.
cuauhtla. Woods, forest.
cueitl. Skirt.
cueponi. To grow.
cueyatl. Frog.
cuica. To sing.
cuicani. Singer.
cuicatl. Song.
cuico. Singing.
cuicoa. Singing.
cuicuizcati. Swallow (bird).
cuix. Maybe, could it be...
cuix ye huecanh. Has it been long since… (?).

eiehuia. To wish. To desire.
etl. Beans.

hualhuica. To bring, fetch.
huallauh. To come. past: ohualia.
hualmonochilia. To call (ask someone to come).
hualquiztia. To go out. Future.
hualtepotztoca. To follow (someone).
hueca. Far, distant.
huecauhtica. For a while, for some time (short).
huehca. Far.
huehue. Old. plural: huehuetque.
huehuetlahtolli. Old word. Cultural legacy, tradition, culture.
hueitlamahuizoltica. Wonderfully
huel. Right, well. Is used as 'can' with another verb in future tense. 
huelic. Tasty, good.
hueltiuhtli. Sister.
huetzca. To laugh.
huetzi. To fall down.
huexolotl. Turkey.
huica. To take (something-someone to another place).
huilotl. Pigeon.
huiptla. The day after tomorrow.
huitzitzilin. Hummingbird.

i. To drink
ic. That's why, because.
ica. With.
ica paquiliztli. Gladly.
icalixpan. In front of someone's home
ichantzinco. In someone's home, to someone's home. 
ichcatl. Lamb.
ichpochtli. Young woman. plural: ichpopochtin.
iciuhca. Quickly, Fast.
icniuhtli. Brother, friend.
icnotl. Poor.
icpalli. Chair, stool.
icuac. When. While.
icuitlapan. Behind.
icxitl. Foot.
ihcuiloa. To write.
ihcuilotic. It is written that
ihtoa. To talk, to say.
ihuan. And.
ihuicpa. From.
ilhuia. To tell.
ilhuicatl. Sky, heaven. ilhuicac.- At the sky, at heaven. 
imacaci. To fear, to be afraid.
in aquin. The one who - .
in canin. Where. At.
in ihuicpa. From
in oquic. While.
in oyuh. Once that - , as soon as - 
in quenin. How.
in tiein. The one that, the one which.
in xochtl in cuicatl. Poetry, poem.
in yuh. Like, as.
inech  monequi. It's necessary.
inin. This.
iniquein. These.
iniqueon. Those.
inon. That. 
intia. If.
intzalan. Between.
ipan. On, on top of.
itech calli. Inside the house.
ititl. Belly.
itqui. To take, to carry. 
itquin. When (?). 
itta. To see.
itzcuintli. Dog. plural: itzcuintin.
ixcueloa. To nod (say yes wuth the head).
ixmati. To know. past: oquixmat.
ixquich. Every, everything, all.
ixtelolotl. Eye.
izcatqui. Here is -, this is it.
iztac. White.
iztitl. Finger nail.
ma. To hunt.
ma xipatinemi. May you be well, farewell.
maca. To give.
macamo. Negation. macamo xitequipacho = do not worry.
macehualli. Commoner, not of the nobility.
machiotil Signal. reverential: machiotzintli.
machtia. To teach, to show.
macuilli. Five.
macuilli ic. Fifth.
maitl. Hand.
maiahua. To slip.
maquixtia. To save, to release, to set free.
mati. To know.
matlactli. Ten.
mauhcatlayecoani. Coward.
maxitia. To come closer, to get closer. (from moaxitia).
mayana. Hunger, to be hungry.
mazatl. Deer. plural: mamazah.
mehua. To get up, to stand up.
melahuac. Straight.
metlatl. Grinding stones.
metzli. Herb.
meztli Moon. Month.
mexicatl. Mexican.
michin. Fish.
mictia. To kill.
mihtoa. It is said that.
millacatl. Farmer, country laborer.
miqui. To die.
mitz-. - you, to you.
miztli. Puma, cougar.
mizton. Cat.
mocactia. To put shoes on.
mocahuilia. To leave (something)
mocehuia. To rest.
mocentlalia, To gather, reunite.
mochantia. To reside, to live at.
mochi. Everything, all. plural: mochintin.
mochihua. To happen (an event).
mochihua. To become, to turn into.
mochipa. Always.
mocochcayotia. To dine, have dinner.
mococoa. To be sick.
mocuepa. To transform oneself, to turn into.
mohuelmati. To feel good.
molcaxitl. Grinding stone (for salsa).
momaquilia. To give.
momaquixtilia. To free, to liberate.
momatequia. To wash one's hands.
momauhtia. To be frightened.
momayahui. To throw oneself.
momotzoa. To rub, massage.
momoztlae. Daily, every day. 
monamictia. To marry.
monequiltia. To love.
mopopolhuilia. To forgive.
moquetza. To stand up.
motenehua. One's name, to be called (used as a verb). 
motlalia. Sit on, to be placed at
motlaquentia. To get dressed.
motlatoa. To run.
moyetztica. To be. Plural, reverential: moyetzicate.
moztla. Tomorrow 
nacatl. Meat.
nacayotl. Body.
nacaztli. Ear.
nahualli. Warlock, witch.
nahuatia. To command, to order.
nahuatlahtolli. Nahuatl language.
nahuatlatoltica. In nahuatl language.
nahui. Four.
nalquiza. To pass, pass by.
namaca. To sell.
namictli. Husband, wife.
nanquilia. To answer, to respond.
nantli. Mother. plural: nantin. Reverential: nantzintli.
ne, nehua, nehuatl. I, me.
nech-. To me.
neci. To appear (materialize).
nehnemi. To walk.
nelhuayotl. Root, base, foundation.
nemachtiloyan. School.
nemi. To live.
nenepilli. Tongue.
nequi. To want.
ni-. I, me (as a prefix).
nican. Here.
niltze. Hello (!).
niman. Later, afterwards.
nimanic. Right away, now.
nimitzittaz. I'll see you.
nixtamalli. Corn paste for tortillas or tamales. 
no. Also.
nocenyeliz. My family.
nochtli. Cactus (nopal).
nohuan. With me.
nohuican. Also, too.
noihuan. Also, too.
notza. To call someone, to talk with someone.
notzontecon. My head.
noyuhqui. Also, too.
nozo. Or, either.

oc. Still, yet.
oc achi. More. A little more.
oc cequi. Another. plural: oc cequin.
oc yohuatzinco. Very early, at dawn.
occe. Another.
occe tlamantli. Something else, one more thing.
occepa. Again.
occequi. Another. plural: occequintin.
ocelotl. Jaguar.
ocnamacoyan. Bar, liquor store.
ocuilin. Worm, maggot.
ohtli. Road, way, trail.
ohualla. Came.
ome. Two.
ompa. There.
oni. To drink.
onimitzittac. I saw you.
onimitzittacca. I had seen you.
opoch. Left (side).
oquichtli. Male. plural: oquichtin.
otiacicoh. We have arrived.
oztotl. Cave.
oztoc: In the cave.

paca. To wash.
pactia. To please, to give pleasure.
pahcalli. Drugstore.
pahpiani. Pharmaceutic (profession).
pahti. To cure
pahtia. To cure
pahtli. Medicine.
palehuia. To help.
paltic. Wet.
panoltia. To invite someone in.
papaca. To wash.
papalotl. Butterfly.
papatlaca. To tremble, to shiver, to shake.
paqui. To be happy.
patlani. To fly.
patzca. To squeeze, to juice.
pehua (ni-). To start, to begin.
pehua (nic-). To win, to triunph.
petlatl. Bed.
pilli. Son.
pilli. Noble, prince.
piltzintli. Son. (Reverential)
pitzahuac. Thin,. plural: pitzahuaque.
pitzotl. Pig.
pochtecatl. Merchant, salesperson.
poctli. Smoke.
pohua. To count, to read.
popoca. To smoke.
potoni. To stink, to smell bad.

quema. Yes.
quenin. How (?)
quenin otimohuicac? How did it go ?.
quezqui. How much? How many?
quilmach. It is said, they say.
quimichin. Mouse.
quin axcan. Recently, a short while ago.
quin tepan. Later, afterwards.
quiyahui. To rain.
quiyahuitl. Rain.
quiza. To go out.
quizaliztli. Migration, departure.

tahtli. Father. plural: tahtin. reverential: tahtzintli.
tamalli. tamal.
te, tehua, tehuatl. You. reverential: tehuatzin.
tech-. We, to us.
teci. To grind.
tecolotl. Owl.
tecuani. Wild beast.
tecuhtli. Lord. plural, reverential : tecuhtzintli.
tehuan, tehuantin. We, us.
Teica ?. Why ?.
tel. But.
telpochcalli. College, university.
telpochtli. Boy, young man. plural: telpopochtin.
temachtiani. Teacher, tutor. plural: temachtianimeh, reverential: temachticatzintli.
temamauhti. Horrible, terrifying, scary. plural: temamauhtique.
temazcalli. Steam bath.
temo. To descend, to go down.
temoa. To look for.
teneyeyecoitiliztli. Temptation.
teniza. To breakfast.
tennamiqui. To kiss.
tentli. Lip. Edge, border.
tentzontli. Moustache, whiskers.
teocalli. Temple.
teocuitlatl. Gold (literally, wonderful waste).
teopixqui. Priest. plural: teopixque.
teotl. Wonderful, awesome. Terrifying. To some scholars, God. 
teotlac. Afternoon, during the afternoon.
tepahtiani. Doctor, medic, healer.
tepec. Hill.
tepehuani. Conquistador.
tepepan. At the hill, in the wilderness.
tepetl. Mountain, volcano.
tequipachoa. To worry.
tequipanoa. To work, to labor.
tetl. Stone, rock.
texocotl. Tejocote (small winter fruit).
texocotzopelloti. Tejocote jam, preserved tejocotes.
ti-. You (singular). Us (subject prefix). 
ticitl. Doctor, medic, healer.
titlani. To send.
tlaca. Afternoon. Late.
tlacachihua. To procreate, to have children.
tlacamati. To obey.
tlacamatli. Obeyance.
tlacatecolotl. Devil.  Literally "Afternoon Owl", "Owl man". 
tlacatilia. To get pregnant, conception.
tlacatl. Person. plural: tlacah. Reverential: tlacatzintli.
tlachia. To look, to see.
tlachpana. To sweep, To broom.
tlacua. To eat, to feed.
tlacualchihualoyan. Kitchen.
tlacualli. Food.
tlacualoyan. Diner, dining room.
tlacualtia. To feed, to give food.
tlahtlacolli. Offense.
tlahtli. Uncle.
tlahtoa. To talk, to speak.
tlahtoani. King. plural: tlahtoanime.
tlahtocayotl. Kingdom, state, nation.
tlahtolli. Language, tongue, Word, speech.
tlahtoque. Nobles, princes.
tlahuilli. Light.
tlalia. To put.
tlalticpac. At or on the earth.
tlamachtilli. Pupil. plural: tlamachtiltin.
tlamaneloa. To swim.
tlamatini. Wise person, wisdom. plural: tlamatinime.
tlami. To finish. past: otlan.
tlaneci. Dawn.
tlanequiliztli. Will, willpower.
tlantli. Tooth.
tlaocoya. Sad, to be sad.
tlaolli. Corn.
tlapaloa. To greet.
tlapalotiuh. To go to greet someone.
tlapoa. To open.
tlapopolhuia. To forgive.
tlaquemitl. Clothes.
tlathui. Dawn.
tlatla. To burn.
tlatlacalhuia. To offense, to insult.
tlatlani. To ask (a question).
tlatlatilcuahuitl. Firewood.
tlatquitl. Patrimony.
tlatzacuillotl. Door (THE door).
tlatzomia. To meow.
tlaxcalchihua. To make tortillas.
tlaxcalli. Tortillas, bread.
tlaxcalmana. To make bread.
tlaza. To bring down, to knock down.
tlazocamati. Thanks, Thank you.
tlazohtla. To love.
tlazolli. Garbage, waste.
tle inic amo. Why not ?.
tle ipampa. Why ?.
tleca. Why ?.
tleco. To climb, to go up.
tlecuil. Stove.
tlecuilco. On the stove.
tlecuilli. Stove, cooking fire.
tlen. What.
tletl. Fire.
toca. To sow.
toca. To bury.
tocaitl. Name. reverential: tocatzintli.
tocatl. Spider.
tochtli. Rabbit.
toltecatl. Wise one, Science man, Knowledgeable.
tonalli. Day.
tonehua. To hurt, to suffer pain.
totechmonequi, totech monequi. We need.
totolayotl. Chicken soup.
totolin. Turkey.
tototl. Bird.
tozquitl. Throat.
tzatzi. To scream, to shout.
tzontecomatl. Head.
tzontli. Hair.
tzopelic. Sweet.

xayacatl. Face.
xihuitl. Herb. Leaf. Year.
xinachtli. Seed.
xiquipiltontli. Bag.
xitomatl. Tomato.
xocoyotzin. The smallest, the youngest.
xonacatl. Onion.
xoncalaqui. Get in (!). 
xoxoctic. Green.

yacatl. Nose.
yancuic. New.
yauh. To go.
ye. Ready, done.
ye tlaca. It's late.
ye, yehua, yehuatl. He, she, it. reverential: yehuatzin.
yec. Right (side).
yeccaqui. To understand, to comprehend.
yeceh. Though, nontheless.
yectenehua. To bless, to sanctify.
yectli. Good, beautiful, pretty, nice. plural: yeyectin.
yehuan, yehuantin. They. reverential: yehuantzitzin.
yei. Three.
yetiayohuac. It's night, It's late.
yohuac. Night.
yohualtica. At night.
yolcatl. Insect.
yoli. To live.
yollotl. Heart.
yolpaqui. To be happy.
yuhquin. Like this, this way.

zan niman. Right away, immediately.
zan tepitzin. Just a little. exp
zatepan. later. adj 
zatlatzonco. lastly, finally. con 
zayolin. fly (the insect). sus 
zazanilli. story, tale. sus 
zolin. codorniz. sus 
zoquipan. in the mud. exp 
zoquitl. mud. sus
zoquiyo. muddy. exp