Subject: Yet more reasons why Proposition 227 should be defeated
Date:     Wed, 13 May 1998 09:58:53 -0700
From:    "J. Manuel Urrutia" <>

I have been involved in the fight against 227 since June.  Because I consider
that this proposition has nothing to do with education but with using the
Spanish-speaking community as a whipping boy for the English Only movement and
their assorted hangers-on, I have done extensive research, even though it is
not my field of study.

Many of my findings can be found at a Web page I created:

(make sure that you type in the upper case letters!).

If you need to understand why 227 is a fallacy, check my comments on an Unz
article (based on a data collected at a conference that took place at UC

And if you like to read their propaganda, check out:


These last two were originally posts in s.c.m.a. to which not a peep was heard
from the authors or their apologists.

Happy reading!


PS: The easiest way to get to these pages is to "cut&paste" the URLs in your
favorite browser.

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