Moctezuma's Feather Crown (Copilli Queztalli)

Moctezuma's Feather Crown is now in a Museum in Austria. It consists of 400 quetzal-feathers and some gold (most of the gold was removed).

Here is a letter from a group in Belgium called, Yankuikanahuak, try to win the Copilli Queztalli back for Mexico's Mexica descendents.

We are fighting peacefully in order to return the feathercrown. We do not want only to support (Xokonoschtletl is a Mexicano also fighting to win the feathercrown back) but all indigenous people of Anahuac, by helping to get back their stolen treasures. Why ? I am very fascinated by the American Native Cultures and their philosophy according to Nature. Secundly, I feel ashamed how our ancesters have treated the indigenous people. I want to obtain peace, love, respect and sharing for the whole circle of life. There is a march in Vienna on Saturday 13th of September. We are organizing a bustrip to Vienna with members of Yankuikanahuak Belgium. Please, support us and your brother Xokonoschtletl by asking as many Aztecs as can be to give reactions on this issue. Your brothers and sisters can write letters to my address in Belgium. I will take these letters with me to Austria as a kind of petition list.

My address :
Bettackerstrasse 4,
D-72636 Linsenhofen,
Germany, Europe.
49-7025-83367 FAX

E-mail at is also welcome!

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