Nahuatl Culture and Mexican Muralism Workshop

August 6-13, 2006
Guided by:
Prof. Martha Ramirez-Oropeza
UCLA Professor
Co-Founder of Nahuatl University
Visiting artist at SPARC, Social and Public Art Resource Center

This Nahuatl Culture and Mexican Muralism Workshop is a total-immersion cultural experience, especially designed for those who want to have a more profound understanding of ancient tradition of writing and for  those who appreciate the art of muralism. The course takes the participants on-site where we will  dialogue and create with the ancient spirits of the ancient temples or Centers of Wisdom. We will examine the work of the Tlakuilo-writers who  recorded through their beautiful art, the history and philosophy in manuscripts, temples, sculptures and walls. Furthermore, we will:

- experience a Temazkalli, a ritual sweatloge in a traditional healing center
- visit Xochicalco Ceremonial Center and the indigenous town of Cuentepec
- visit the National Museum of Anthropology
- visit the murals of the Historical Center of Mexico City
- meet  artists who were assistants to Rivera, Siqueiros and Orozco who will share their stories with the participants.
- Each participant will receive their birthdate reading from the codices and learn to draw the glyphs of  their own name symbol.
- visit Tepoztlan and Malinalco towns and temples
- participate in restoration of a mural in an indigenous town
- experience the 485 anniversary celebration of the defense of Mexico Tenochtitlan in the central plaza of Mexico City.

and so much more! don't miss this opportunity.

Cost: $900 (includes: 9 days housing (shared hotel room), most meals (except for days in Mexico City), local transportation to fieldtrips.


Registration deadline: July 20, 2006
Make your reservation with 50% course cost


Saturday Aug 5, 2006
Arrival to Hotel Real de Ocotepec
Ocotepec, a traditional village north of Cuernavaca, the capital of the State of Morelos. It is one hour south of Mexico City.

Sunday, Aug. 6
Ocotepec, Morelos
Opening Ceremony and Orientation
View Martha Ramirez town mural
Ayudantia, Local Indigenous Government Office

Field Trip to Xochicalco, Morelos Site Museum and 600 A.D. Ceremonial Center. Study and draw the glyphs in the Ketzalkoatl temple.
Then in Cuentepec, Morelos  have lunch with the Domingo family, Nahuatl speaking descendants of Xochicalco sages.

Monday, Aug. 7
"In Tlamatini" Ramirez-Oropeza mural in State Education Department building.
Explanation of the mural which expresses the definition of what the process of education was in ancient Mexico. Visit to Cuernavaca center plaza, and museum. Free afternoon.

Tuesday, Aug 8
Malinalco, ancient school where Kuauhtemok, the last Tlahtoani studied. The only ceremonial center that was sculpted on a mountain. View church murals which were commissioned by missionaries and painted by the indigenous people. They reveal the overlapping of ancient Mexica among the European images.

Wednesday Aug. 9
Temixco, healing center
“Mitotiliztli, ancient healing and Aztec dance”
Martha will introduce the participants to Capitana Martha Sole, who will prepare us for the “Temazkali” purification sweat-lodge ritual. We will also paint an image of Tlazolteotl as part of our offering.

Thursday, Aug. 10
Restoration work of Ocotepec Mural. Learn color theory applied directly to a Martha Ramirez mural done in the Ayudantia Municipal of Ocotepec.
Free afternoon.

Friday Aug. 11
Tepoztlan, Morelos
Climb to ancient temple, to sketch and photograph the Valley. Visit the museum and market place.

Saturday, Aug. 12
Mexico City
Leave Hotel Real de Ocotepec and Check in Hotel Cathedral.
Visit to Narional Anthropology Museum and Bellas Artes. On site class in the history of the Mexican Muralism Movement, headed by Siqueiros, Rivera and Orozco.

Sunday, August 13
Visit to the Diego Rivera murals in National Palace. Study the composition of the Rivera murals. Visit the women's economic kitchen and hear the story of their mural and movement.
“Aug. 13 Celebration of the Defense of Mexico-Tenochtitlan”,
Closing Course Ceremony in Mexico City Zocalo
*Schedule subject to change


    Great opportunity to enjoy "eternal spring" in Cuernavaca as well as an unforgettable experience studying about our ancient indigenous culture. This course is especially directed to Chicano students high school and college level that want to apply ancient wisdom to present everyday life, but EVERYONE IS INVITED come and study:

    philosophy, tonalpoualli ritual calendar, sun stone, temazkal ritual healing, mexika dance, mayan math, critical view of our history, field trip to Xochicalco, and Tepoztlan ceremonial centers.

    This summer, live and study in a pyramid! Classes are bilingual.

    For groups larger than five, a scholarship will be granted for one person to attend the course free of charge.


    For more information contact:
    Martha Ramirez, coordinator
    Email: Martha Ramirez

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