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MAYAN MOJO TM also called Ramòn, is a member of the Mulberry Family growing in the coastal regions of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The Mojo tree develops a fruit containing a single seed about one-inch in diameter that makes a delicious beverage similar to high quality coffee when roasted and ground.
When roasted, ground and brewed, MAYAN MOJOTM is a rich tasting, nutritious beverage. It has a nutty-cocoa flavor similar to high quality coffee, or when iced, a refreshing herbal tea. Mojo can be served alone or mixed with coffee, and can be prepared iced or hot. Add milk, cinnamon or sweetener to taste, if desired. The grounds can also be added to smoothies or ice cream for nutritional boost, added texture, and a nutty-cocoa taste. Available in French, Gourmet Blend, Medium, or Light Roast; whole or ground beans.

MAYAN MOJOTM is high in protein (8%), Vitamin C (40%), Vitamin B (10%), calcium (7%),carbohydrates (8%) and Iron (8%) per 1 oz. serving. MAYAN MOJOTM provides you slow burning energy all day. One tree yields over 100 pounds of nuts and a year-round supply of leaves for livestock.

In Southern Mexico, a tonic is prepared from the bark to treat asthma and chest pains. The latex is drank like cow's milk or mixed with chicle, and an extract from the fruit stimulates lactation in postpartum women. MAYAN MOJO TM has also been said to relieve allergy symptoms and act as a liver tonic.

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