Injustice in New Mexico

Subject: More Addressesbr> Date: Mon Mar 24 23:09:47 1997
From: monika maria monje

I'm sorry it took so long to respond, but the meeting on March 13th with the Vaughn teachers went well and we had a good turn out. The teachers were open to all the ideas everyone had. One of our state reps-Miguel Garcia had a resolution for all teachers in state to teach Chicano Studies. We had a demonstration at the State Capitol to help reinstate the teachers and also to help make this resolution pass. As far as I know it went well. The other plan we have is to have another demonstration in Vaughn for the teachers hearing in April.

I also have some more addresses:

Arthur Martinez(school superintendent)
box 489
Vaughn, NM 88353


Andy Cordova(school board pres.)
general delivery
Vaughn , NM 88353


Ernest Aragon(school board mem)
general delivery
Vaughn, NM 88353

Thank you for the responses and concern, it is greatly appreciated!!!

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