Great Injustice Towards MEChA in New Mexico

Subject: need help!
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 14:56:13 -0700 (MST)
From: monika maria monje

Hello, my name is Monika Monje and I am a MEChista at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Recently there's been a conflict with another MEChA in a smaller community, Vaughn, which is a southern community. The high school of Vaughn recently established a MEChA. The only problem was that the school officials(principals, teachers,etc.) weren't allowing the MEChA to have their meetings during school time or talk about it in the halls. Basically they're banning MEChA as a student group. But it doesn't stop there. Two Chicana teachers were recently suspended for teaching Chicano studies. The community has not accepted or supported the teachers or the students. UNM's MEChA have been sending support letters and we are also in the process of sending MEChA's philosophy so that the community and school officials can understand and know what we're about.

I am writing on behalf of UNM MEChA and we are asking for a few support letters for our MEChistas in Vaughn, although I do not have their address, but with your response I can give it to you at tha time.

Nadine Cordova
Box 213
Vaughn, NM 88353

Vaughn Chicano population is 70%. We are really asking for your support and if you could post this on the web page for other MEChA's to read.

Thankx a lot!! I will be waiting for a response.

UNM MEChA will be meeting on Thursday March 13, with the teachers from Vaughn. We will be discussing ways to fundraise for them to go to NACCS. UPDATE: The teachers have children that also attended Vaughn, but they were having problems, so they disenrolled them and transferred them to Albuquerque Public schools. It's just geting worse everyday!!


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