What is MEChA

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) consists of students who have dedicated their lives and skills to the advancement of the principles of human rights and to the needs of the Chicano community. MEChA is able to unite in one common purpose: a demand for respect for human dignity and true equality and justice for all members of this society. They struggle to learn and learn to struggle - not for individual gain but to serve our Chicano/Chicana people.

Our organization strongly believes in the right to a fair and equal education. Education, we believe, is the key to improving the social and political situation of the Chicano/Chicana community.

MEChA respresent the Chicano/Chicana students who have the responsibility of upholding the tradition and history of MEChA and its people, and the Raza community. In our hands, it is a tool for liberation, justice, equality, and self-determination for all Chicanos and Mexicanos.

We believe that learning and sharing in different cultures is a way to foster a sense of community amongst diverse individuals and nurture an environment of tolerance.