"Dayz of our Livez"
By Shayla Hawkins-Gonzalez


Remember the nights when we used to go cruzin'?
Then next day we couldn't wake up 'cause we was busy snoozin'
Instead of going to school or playin' with toyz
We were in the street hangin' with our homeboyz
Momma never did like any of our friendz
Because they used their drug money to buy that new Benz.
Things just ain't the way they used to be
Half of our friends we can't even see
That's 'cause they did something stupid and ended up in jail
Now they're calling their girls collect asking them to pay their bail
Man,some dayz I just wish it was the same
But everybody has to take a piece of the blame

The High Life
What does it mean to me?
It means not giving your body the chance to be free
You think you're in control and have total power
At the same time you're as high as the Eiffel Tower
Smokin' and getting high is not the key
And sooner or later you will see
We need to set an example for the new generation
But if we don't it'll be a whole smoking nation
You can't let stuff get to you like money and greed
And sooner than later you will succeed

I Knew You Were The One
I knew you were the one that very first night
My homie introduced us since then we've been tight
I love the way you smile and even the way you walk
But there's nothing like your voice when I hear you talk
Sometimes I wanna call you but when I start
I have to put the phone down because I don't have the heart
I have feelings for you in only one way
And I can't wait for that very important day

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