Rozi Pozos


What My Culture Means To Me?
by Rozi Pozos

My culture means identification with who I am.
It is a connection to the history of my ancestors.
It is the lens by which I look through to my future.
It is the part I am, and the place God chose for me
to exist in, and contribute through.

My culture means being able to communicate in more than one language.
It means that I am spice in the melting pot of my country.
It is the tradition that brings festivity by it's sights, sounds, and smells.
It is the memory of my abuelita's tamales, tortillas, and frijoles.
Of the cotton fields we labored in, which brought us some income
to buy back a small piece of land taken away from my fathers.

My culture has variations of colors that range from crema to honey gold,
to deep rich browns, God's artistic hand in its finest hues.
My culture is the legacy that I must pass on to my hijos and nietos.
It is the posture of understanding, the wisdom of humility,
the dignity of a glorious past.
My culture is a contribution to society that has not been quenched
by oppressive assimilation. It is a celebration of my uniqueness.

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