Joseph J. Vigil

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Brown Boy, 1966

Brown Boy, 1966
Sitting at the desk
Watching the teacher
Listening to no one

"Take the equation,
Transform your variables"
On and on
Endless droning

Glancing around
Nothing but Mexicans
Eyes darting
The moment approaching

Deep breaths
Kill apprehension
Pulses rise
As anxieties increase

Calm down
Sun shines through the window
And filters onto the desk
A moment of respite

"Blow out!"
Shouted from the halls
A herd of people
Making hasty exits

A slow mass movement
As Mexicans leave their seats
Marching into uncertainty
But away from injustice

"Come back here!"
Pay no heed
The brown boy
Walks out the door

A mass exodus
Outside the school
Hand out the signs
Pull out the megaphone

"ˇYa basta! Time for change!"
Demands of a generation
The brown boy gets caught up
As chants grow louder..

Brown boy, 1997
Sitting at his desk
Watching the teacher
Listening to nothing

"I don't need this"
Thoughts of dropping out
The shouts of a past generation
Now falling upon deaf brown ears

March 30, 1997

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