Amalia Ibarra

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Nightfall is coming; the last rays of the sun barely illuminate the cave,

In the darkness of the cave, a man stands,

Who is he?

Why is he here?

Solemn and erect he stands,

His gaze fixed on the setting sun,

The dim sunlight illuminates his face,

Outlining his strong, yet delicate features,

Features which emit his humility, pride,

Valor, goodness, honor and faithfulness.

Yet sadness and ruin surround him,

He sighs as if destiny calls him,


The sun has set and he begins his lament:

‘Yesterday the stranger arrived,

Today my world dies,

Who is this pale man?

Why does he come to disturb my existence?

He brings incredible animals and weapons,

Perhaps he is a messenger of our white god,




The one who abandoned us many years ago,

Could it be that he announces his return?

But ……………………………………no,

In the eyes of this man, I see destruction

And all the evil a human is capable of,

Last night, between sleep and reality, a

vision overcame me and it frightened me,

Total chaos and havoc are his ultimate goal.

He will physically annihilate and spiritually

exploit my people.

He will change the goodness of my race:

our simple life, our rich culture,

our passion, our allegiance.


He will eliminate our numerous gods and

Replace them with only one GOD,

Through my sweat and labor, he will

become rich,

For several centuries, I will be his slave

and he my master

But the ultimate horror is that he will

mix his blood with mine.

From this union, the MESTIZO WILL


This new race will only suffer indignities and sorrows.

The MESTIZO will feel discrimination and hate because

Of his beautiful bronze skin

He will know scorn because of his language especially in

a future country to the north.

But one day, QUETZALCOATL will return and

bless this unique race with power to regain what was

unjustly taken.

Then this stranger will answer for his injustices.”

The man remains quiet, contemplating the dark sky

and its brilliant stars.

Dawn comes, but the Aztec is silent forever.

From the spirit of an Aztec past