Eastside High: The Chicano Screenplay Hollywood Refuses to Produce.

In March, 1968, 10,000 Chicano high school students walked out of their schools in protest of the discriminatory counseling practices, sub-standard facilities, the lack of bilingual\bicultural education and faculty, high push-out rates and a disproportionate death rate in Southeast Asia. The school administration and local authorities responded to peaceful demonstrations with violence.

The Eastside High is fiction, though some of it really happened. It's the story of how a group of young Chicanos came of age, developed social consciousness, and took action toward self-empowerment and determination. It's the story of the Chicano Student Movement, a seminal chapter in our recent history.

Hollywood won't produce this film; at least there's no interest at the present time. But it will get made, independently. If after having read the screenplay (in text format, which loses screenplay formatting), you believe the film deserves to be produced, you may make a contribution to:

MIDESA (Multicultural Institute for Development, Education and Social Advancement),
Eastside High Production Fund,
PO Box 90605,
Pasadena, CA. 91109-0605.

Your contribution will be tax-deductible.

Any reproduction of the script without the express written consent of Del Mar Entertainment, MIDESA, or the author/screenwriter is prohibited.

Comments and letters of support may be sent to eastsidehigh@datast.net.

Mientras tanto, disfruten la obra. Gracias.

Jason C. Johansen
March, 1997

Eastside High: The Chicano Screenplay Hollywood Refuses to Produce

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