Dolores E. Ramos (c), 1998

I am a PACE student at the Center of Higher Education in San Ramon, CA, CHE is a division of Diablo Valley College.  I'm submitting two poems that I've submitted to my English 222-On-line class.  I hope that they are enjoyed. 

My e-mail address:  Could use some comments or advise.  Thank you. 

By Dolores E. Ramos
Resounding trumpets bleat 
The mariachi's beat 
My heart sighs its lament 
A nostalgic sentiment 
A Demand 
For the land 
Of my clan 
Once Aztlán 
By Dolores E. Ramos
Ancestral thread 
As fine 
As thine 
Ravened-strands upon your head 
As strong as chain 
In kind 
That bind 
Blood in our arteries main 
Forever linked 
My soul 
In whole 
Our chain can never be kinked 

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