Pablo Rodriguez  
WAI(Who Am I?)

Do you think that I am Paul
I am not an invisible person
I hear and understand
What you say about me
I am not like the others
We are one in the same
I am not your token
I am not
The usual suspect
I am not
A slave to men
I do not dream dreams
I see visions
I am not a label
I am not a name
I am Pablo

Pablo Rodriguez
January 1998 Hilmar CA


Knowledge is power
No matter the game
Keep me down
Keep it all the same
But I learn from my history
My future unsure
I follow my dreams
Today I endure
Never again
Never like this
Not like yesterday
The good times I missed
Today it is his
Tomorrow it is mine
Knowledge and justice
All in due time
We continue the struggle
Continue the fight
Look for someday
That thief in the night
Justice will come
His history is absurd
Read between the lines
Question his word
To find my future
I search in my past
Today will be better
Not like the last
I saw my history
My heart took a breath
Another Campesino
Poisoned to death
Look in the factories
Mira the fields
Substandard living
While riches he yields
He feeds my body
Nourishes my mind
My heroes on T.V.?
No ...
Not there you won't find
She works as your nanny
Harvests you food
Better life better living always pursued
They feed the world
Struggle to feed themselves
A nation of poor within a nation of wealth
Minimum wage
Tomorrow a better life
Anything to keep going
Today to survive
Their work poisoned our bodies
Their schools poisoned our minds
They've done it all
And still we shall rise
You have an American Dream
I have a Chicano Vision
Get off your couch
Turn off your television
Leap tall buildings in a single bound?
Not my heroes
On T.V. are not found

Pablo Rodriguez Livingston CA 5-5-95


You are my uncle?
How is George my father?
The American Dream
Sabes que?
Save your breath
Don't even bother
Fair skinned blue eyed Uncle Sam
In your dream
Are Americans as brown as I am?
How about Camila and Maria Elena
Ritmo sabor
Dulce piel de canela
Hot dogs Apple Pie
Burritos and beans
I am Chicano and follow my own dreams
But it is more than a dream
I have a Chicano Vision
Self Determination
You won't find on television
Life is a journey
Not a destination
A color blind America
Sam use your imagination
Knowledge is power
I'm learning this game
Mexicanos Americanos
A difference the same
I am Chicano
Don't be mistaken
To live is to sleep
To die is to awaken
Cecilia, Doroteo y Dolores
They gave me the llaves
Que Viva La Revolucion!
Que Viva Cesar Chavez!
He is my father
My uncle
You are not Sam
Chicano Vision shows me
An American is
As brown as I am

Pablo Rodriguez 5.5.95
Livingston Ca


If you hate me
I shall love you
If you beat me
I shall love you
If you deny me
I shall love you
If you oppress me
I shall love you
When I love you
I change the world

Pablo Rodriguez 12.20.96 La Paz CA

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